Okay. OKAY, gang. I admit it’s been a little while. I’m going to give you a fairly quick rundown of the first four cycles in this season of Big Brother – which started with thirty and tomorrow will be down to nine – and I’ll continue in another post soon.

The game’s theme is Romeo and Juliet. Players were picked in groups of six to add themselves to two houses – “Capulet” and “Montague.”

Melissa Diamond
Abby Stansel
Chad Seal
Erin Lashua
Colin Wolfson
Zack Sauvageau
Karen Martinez Dimas
Charity Hope Williams
Jessy Lopez
Carrie Bard
Roxanne Lewis
Daniel Caouette
Brooks Maki
Adrian Miller
Zach Schmidt

Justin Weber
Michael Tomera
Annette Barron
Shelbi Sarver
Michelle Pratt
Pete Bruzek
Joseph Rakstad
Michael Rivet
Jake Elliott
Stacy Snell
Susan Wood Walker
David Griffin
Rene Pare
Amber Keyster
Allison Simmons


I announced a couple of twists: one, the Kamikaze Pilot twist. One person in each house was chosen by me to be a Kamikaze Pilot, and they had to fulfill a certain condition through five cycles AND do it without being found out if they wanted to win the (unnamed) prize that was available to them.

I also announced the Big Brother Official Box of Creamy Goodness. The Box contained two Golden Powers of Veto: one for the winner of the box, and another for any other person they wanted to give it to. To get this, they had to successfully get someone evicted while acting as HOH, and this person was whomever they answered the pre-season question: “Who are you most likely to ally with this season?”


The comp was called “Athlete, Actor or Killer?” Each house would start with two people who would be given a name. The first person to chime in correctly would choose the next two people AND eliminate the other from the competition. If the first person was wrong, they’d be eliminated instead.

Here are the results. The asterisk denotes who was correct and moved on; winners are obviously at the bottom.


Stacy Snell nominated Justin Weber and Mike Tomera. Additional POV players were Annette Barron, Joseph Rakstad and Jake Elliott.

Charity Hope Williams nominated Zack Sauvageau and Roxanne Lewis. Additional POV players were Brooks Maki, Karen Martinez Dimas and Colin Wolfson.

The POV Competition was called “No-Voting.” Each player had named two movies before the season, and they were all listed anonymously, in alphabetical order. There was a series of trivia questions for the players, and each time they got one right, they got to eliminate a movie from the list. Once a player’s two movies were gone, so were they.

Here are the results.

Colin won for Capulet, with both movies still on the board. He kept Charity’s nominations the same.

Justin Weber won on the Montague side, and pulled himself off the block. Stacy replaced him with Amber Keyster.


By a vote of 9-3, Roxanne Lewis was evicted.
By a vote of 8-4, Mike Tomera was evicted.



The comp was called “Gnome Toss.” My writeup:

So, your task is to throw a gnome – Matt Novak, specifically – into a high-scoring plot of land. The thing is, Matt bounces when you throw him, so wherever you aim, he’ll land in the area north, west, east or south of your target. So if you aim for K2, you will not hit the 15-point K2, but will hit either the non-scoring spots north or east, or the low-scoring spots south or west. The exact spot you hit will be random on my end, so all you need to do is submit a spot where you know you’ll land surrounding the square.
As an added obstacle, if you land on the same spot as anyone else, your scores will nullify each other and neither will get anything; even if you were first to land on the spot, you will get no points for doubling up.
There will be two rounds. For the first, all of you will submit a spot to aim for and I’ll update all at once (at 10pm Central on Monday). For the second, I’ll follow the order, chosen randomly, in the second column on the spreadsheet. You can use your move to attempt to nullify someone or to get more points; it’s up to you. So the second round will be done one-by-one, and after it’s over, the highest scorer will be the winner. Ya dig?
If you miss your first move, you also relinquish your rights to your second move, and cannot win HOH. If there are ties after the final move, those tied will take another turn to see what happens.

The results are here. Each house has their own tab.

I had one rule this season punishable by auto-eviction: no screenshots to prove what anyone said. Zach Schmidt was unfortunately evicted for this reason during that challenge.


Daniel Caouette nominated Erin Lashua and Karen Martinez Dimas. Additional POV players were Jesimiel Lopez, Chad Seal and Melissa David.

Justin Weber named Stacy Snell and Susan Wood Walker as his nominees. Additional POV players were Shelbi Sarver, Rene Pare and Michael Rivet.

The challenge was “The Medal System.”

My writeup:

Okay, Vetorinos. Time to get after the second POV of the season. For this challenge, you will give out THREE MEDALS – one gold, one silver and one bronze. You can give them to anyone in your house from the comp, excluding yourself. You can even give them all to the same person, if you want.
If you get at least one gold, that’s five points. At least one silver is three. At least one bronze is one. So, your maximum possible score is NINE.
However, if you have an EVEN number of any medal, this is cancelled out and you don’t get points for that medal. So, if you have three golds, two silvers and four bronzes, you only score for the golds, and finish with five points.
The person who has the most medal points will win the challenge. If it’s a tie, as it will probably be, then the tie will be broken first by number of golds received (even if you didn’t score with gold), then by silvers, then by bronze. If this is still somehow a draw, random.org will pick a winner.
Send your submissions to me by TOMORROW NIGHT (THURSDAY) at 9pm Central. If everyone from your side finishes before that, I’ll post results early.
You are always allowed to talk to each other about the challenge. These are devised with coordination in mind. However, the results will only show the medals received – it won’t announce who gave them to you. So, you might get away with a couple of fibs, if you try.
Anyone who skips the challenge cannot win POV and also receives a “BB strike.” If you end up getting two of these, then the next time you aren’t HOH, you are automatically one of the nominees. If you ever receive a third, you’ll be evicted. Fortune favors the bold, gang! If you want to throw the comp, you’ll have to do it on the field.

Here are those results.

Chad Seal and Rene Pare won the competitions. Chad pulled down Erin from the block, and Rene pulled down Susan. They were replaced with David Griffin and Jesimiel Lopez, respectively.


By a vote of 8-3, David Griffin was evicted. He had agreed to go up as a pawn.
By a vote of 6-4, Karen Martinez Dimas was evicted.


Okay, gang! That’s where we were, with 25 of the 30 left. I’ll try to keep the updates coming, and hopefully as short as possible, but I want all of this here.

After this – and the Royal Rumble – we’ll talk about PwtP and Werewolf.