The Cycle Three HOH competition, back on November 7th, was The Perfect Robot:

Okay, gang. The third Head of Household competition is called THE PERFECT ROBOT, and I’m posting it tonight so I can get this thing moving, even if you’re all asleep.
The perfect robot has three main components: mechanical, electric, and programming. For this comp, you need to decide how much of each component will build a perfect robot.
For each of those three components, I generated a number from 1-100. Each of you have two chances to create a perfect robot by giving me the highest numbers of each component without going over, and your score will be the total of the numbers you submitted (unless you go over, in which case you get zero).
This is kind of hard to explain without showing you, so let me give an example. Let’s say the perfect robot is 30 mechanical, 22 electric and 94 programming. If you submit 35-22-65, you go over and get a zero. If your second move is 20-22-65, though, you successfully build a robot and get the total of the three numbers (in this case, 107). The perfect robot would score 148, as unlikely as it is.
If you submit a move that successfully builds a robot on the first turn, you can keep those points or you can attempt a second turn. If the second turn is a bust, you get zero and cannot win the challenge.

This is kind of an unwelcoming spreadsheet, but the results are here:

My equal-sign key is broken, so I can’t use html to make that a link instead. Ugh.

Anyway, Susan Wood Walker and Abby Stansel won their respective Head of Household competitions.


Abby nominated Erin Lashua and Adrian Miller.
Susan nominated Justin Weber and Joseph Rakstad.


Okay, let’s get this Power of Veto competition off the ground. It’s called ALL ON THE LINE and it was created for speed; all you have to do is give me a number from 1 to 1000 that signifies your place on the line.

You’ll get points for your distance from the other players on both sides. So if your number is 556 and the people closest on each side are 490 and 558, you get 66 points plus two points for a total of 68. In the unlikely scenario that you pick the same number as someone else, you’ll get zero for the challenge. It’ll never be easier to throw a comp!

In the case that your number is 977 and you picked the highest one, then the number 1001 is considered to be the next closest to you on the high end and you’ll get 24 points there. Same applies to the low end, where the number 0 will be used.

The highest point-getters in each house will win POV. If there are ties, the person who submitted his or her number first will win. Good enough?


There they are. Winners are highlighted.

Carrie and Susan both decided NOT to use the Power of Veto.


Justin Weber was eliminated 9-1, and Adrian Miller was eliminated after an 8-1 vote.
Vote comments? Don’t mind if I do!

About Adrian:

“*whispers* Nice to meet you..”
“Sorry Adrian however you didn’t come to talk and Erin did.”
“Vote Adrian – NOW WHO’S DUNN? HUH? HUH? HUH? (I may have chosen who to vote for based on who would allow me to submit the best voting comment) /sorry //not sorry”

About Joe:

“Tough vote!! Gotta vote with my heart!”

About Justin:

“Vote to evict Justin – Sorry! But I do look forward to playing diplomacy with you at some point”
“Voting for Justin. Sorry, you just caused way too much drama in the house last week dude. Catch ya on the flip side!”
“My vote is for Justin. It’s for your own protection. I don’t want you to end up with cooties since there’s so many girls around.”

I’d give a quick rundown of who’s still in at this point, but suddenly work doesn’t seem that far away. I’ll do another cycle or two tonight or tomorrow and we’ll inch closer to now.