If Pepper’s learned anything from her years here, it’s that if she wants something from me and begs long enough, she’ll get it. So after that, while she was getting dressed, she admitted that what she really wanted was another season of Play with the Prose.

I figure with just six people left in Big Brother, it’s probably time to shoehorn this in. We’ll probably start in…two weeks? Less? I don’t know who’s judging, or whether I’ll judge or write, or the theme, if any, or really anything yet. Let’s just start with getting names, and as usual I’ll cap at sixteen (even that is too many, but there are always a lot of you who want to do this).

For those that have become regulars only recently, Play with the Prose is a creative writing competition. The fun of writing is paramount, but to tie the whole thing together, we have (usually) three judges that will give a fixed number of gold, silver and bronze medals for each prompt, and from those, we take the (usually six) highest scorers for the season and run some playoffs. I won’t lie and say this is a weak field, but it’s also just a good way to get something written, if you’re the kind of person who needs a deadline to do some writing.

Okay, gang. Drop your names. If you want to judge, email me directly and I’ll see who we end up with.