Hey everybody. It’s about time to get a new Survivor game going, and this time I, DK, will be your host. Usually when I introduce a BB game, I explain the full game mechanics. I’m going to assume most people reading this already know the basics of Survivor – you’ll have some tribes, and some challenges, and some people getting voted out, and a merge, and some individual immunities, and a jury, and a winner at the end. And we’ll have all those this time, too! If you want any clarification on any of that from me, depending on what it is, I can probably answer it. A few things I want to highlight now, though, are:

Hidden Immunity Idols: There will be some.

Anonymity: You will have it. As in, you’ll play using a pseudonym with a made-up email address for this game, and all your game communication between yourself and other players must be handled with that game email address. Anyone I find out about communicating with other players through any other means will be dealt with severely – meaning, immediate expulsion from the game. With that said, it should be to your benefit to keep your identity hidden as effectively as possible. Oftentimes, players create entire characters for their pseudonyms; doing so could be to your benefit, too.

Nonsubs: I don’t want any. But we’ll use standard practices if there are any – any tribe with a nonsub for an individually required submission during a tribal challenge will have to vote someone out even if they win the challenge. The nonsub(s) will automatically vote for themselves. Also, if anyone nonsubs a vote, they will vote for themselves instead. There’s one further addendum to this which I will explain in the next section:

Tie Votes: As a moderator experienced with Big Brother (a game that has a simple, easy method to break any ties in voting), I’ve been wrestling with my dissatisfaction with most of the past CdL tiebreaker methods. So I’m going to resurrect the Purple Rock of Death for this game. If any Tribal Council initial vote ends in a tie between multiple players, we will have an extra day for a revote. The tied players will not be required to vote again; everyone else on the tribe will have to cast another vote, and are required to vote for one of the tied players only. If the revote ends in another tie, the tied players will become immune and one player from among the rest of the tribe (except anyone holding individual immunity or who played a hidden immunity idol before the initial vote) will be eliminated from the game at random. If anyone nonsubs on a revote, they will automatically vote for themselves during the next vote they are eligible to receive votes at (next time their tribe loses immunity, as soon as they’re not holding individual immunity, etc.). The PROD tiebreak method will be used any time there is a tie except the final four (at which time we will have a tiebreaker challenge instead).

Anyway. Hopefully those last two sections won’t ever matter, right? Time to pick your alternate identity and get signed up. I’m looking for somewhere in the low 20s for players for this game, and I have a few people in mind that I’ve already spoken to about this game at some point who I’ll save spots for unless I hear they don’t want to play. Anyone who wants in, email me at dan dot kautz at gmail and claim a pseudonym. Pick a top five or so, in case something you want is already claimed (I’m probably not going to update this list this time around). Once I get back to you confirming you’re in the game and what your pseudonym is, you can go ahead and create a new email address for it (and let me know what it is).

Beyond the jump are a bunch of fake names. If you don’t like anything here, and want to try to make up your own, if it’s at all funny or interesting I’ll probably say go for it. Once we have a good number of players, I’ll close up the signups and let everyone know when we’re getting this thing started.

Benjamin Bradfred Balfington Buffalopotamus
Orangutan Dreams
Alfredo Ricci
Create-a-Houseguest #6
Horseradish Threat
Dick Swagen
Funky Cold Mecca
Funyuns Unite
Lenny Softbatch
Dickus Minimus
Morgan the Tonedeaf
Isaac Daubernon
Julian Bettsthorne
Beefy Dongle
Hardwood Anderson
Crash Gluteus
Earl “Kernel Knowledge” Tassel
Rip-Roarin’ Mildred
Buster Nipplechaps
Leonard Jowchet
Gruesome Blaggetty Kap
Eamonn McCord (the goat from Survivor XVI)
Lowetha Gruffelford
Bathhouse Dynamo
Fruity the Bishop-Slapping Orange
Freshy Lipswiggles
Hormonal Gopherbubbles
Damian Henceforth
Slap Crappity
Horny O’Friendship
The Wrong Way to Eat a Reese’s
Handles & Sassage
Billy Roid Rage
Harlan Killings
Indignant Jenna Justice
Marcelene Potatohead