Here’s your spreadsheet.

Facts and figures under the jump.

*Annette, in addition to winning, also eliminated the most people (four).
*Michelle wins the ironman award this year, as she outlasted 22 people during her time in the ring.
*While last year’s winner was the final addition to the match and she admitted to being indifferent until it got going, this year’s winner is one of the most Rumble-obsessed players we have.
*The victory goes to Washington state for the second time; Jonathon Pope won in 2014.
*This is the third time, out of four, that the winner was one of the final ten entrants. Pepper did it from position #8, which is unlikely to be beaten, I think.
*Only four people – Mike, Annette, Michelle and Jake – eliminated multiple targets.

I think that just about wraps it up, unless any of you notice anything else. The real one airs in a few hours, so I should probably get to obsessing over it.

Thanks for playing at CdL, everyone.