I combed CdL’s archives to try to steal something that hadn’t been done in a while. I think I found just the ticket.

Letter of Resignation

This was run during Survivor VII and VIII. Which, coincidentally, were the two times I judged Survivor. So I know what I’m doing. Here’s what you need to do:

Write a letter of resignation for a public figure, either real or fictional, dead or alive. So, Steve Jobs and Dora the Explorer would both work. NOW MELISSA READ THIS NEXT PART, SINCE IT TELLS YOU WHAT YOU CANNOT DO.  Okay, the only stipulation is that you can’t write about a politician. Partly as to not test anyone’s sensibilities. Mostly because political jokes tend to suck. So yeah, Melissa, don’t write about George Washington and say he should count because he didn’t believe in a party system and therefore really wasn’t a politician.

Word Limit: 225

I’m also running this challenge as an excuse to repost one of my favorite bits in the history of CdL. Below is an example of what would get you a gold medal from me. This was written by a guy named Andrew during Survivor VII.

World Hide-and-Seek Association
1 El Dorado Way

Dear Grand Council:

It is with great reluctance I write to you to resign my title as World Hide-and-Seek Champion. Being the title-holder for the last two years has been a great honor, but I can continue no more. Though “Olly-Olly-oxen-free” has not been called, I must leave my hiding place, in clear violation of the rules of our guild. My family is driving me nuts. Papa snores like a bear, and my sister won’t stay on her side of the bed. It has become too much to bear. As is tradition, I have kept a journal detailing my time as Champion. I wish the Council success in finding and declaring a new Champion, especially the “finding” part.


Anne Frank