Try as they might, the competitors felt it slipping from their grasp. Everything they did was just wrong. What were they missing? Colin thought he had an idea. He laid in wait that evening, watching to see what would happen, when suddenly… His heart was ripped out by Freddy Krueger. Or at least it felt like it.



“There’s no second chance in the real fight!”

Killed Colin Prime
Role: Ibuki
Alignment: Good
Abilities: Can track a player to determine if they performed a night action that night.


ZG (day 1, Good, too sexy for this life)
mbnovak (day 1, Evil, ate a Sonic Boom)
kg2005 (night 1, Good face bashed in)
StacyStace (day 2, Good, too peaceful)
baconburgerdogs (day 2, Good, silenced but quick)
MelissaD (night 3, Good, honest to a fault)
spookymilk (day 4, Evil, hung with care)
daneekasghost (night 4, Good, asked the wrong questions)
todahshy (day 5, Good, totally shocking)
Colin Prime (night 5, Good, out hunted)