First off, the results spreadsheet is updated. Congratulations to Christina Pepper, who is now in first place!

So this season wouldn’t be derivative if we didn’t do at least one week of Fiction 59 (but just one week, I promise!). Basically, your task is to write a complete story in 59 words or less. To draw some inspiration, I looked for the first ever Fiction 59 that Spookymilk gave a perfect score to.

The title of that story was “Colleen Somerville is Dead.” It was written by contestant Ben Thietje, who wrote a story about contestant Danielle Silver killing contestant Colleen Somerville.

I was tempted to make you all write a story about killing another contestant, but those could get samey, what with Kelly dying 12 times, Shawn 5 times, and some morbid twit writing off Abby. So no, that’s not the prompt.

However, you are tasked with writing a story where someone hurts another person but for a fairly trivial reason (like winning a game on this site, for instance). 

Due date is same as always.