Come on in, guys. After the longest pregame period…I think…for a game I’ve ever run, we’re ready to start Survivor XIX. Here’s the list of players in this game:

Alfredo Ricci
Amadeus Stankyleg
Bill William
Billy Roid Rage
Inflatable Boozeraven
Buster Nipplechaps
Orangutan Dreams
Bathhouse Dyanmo
Eammon McCord
Fruity the Bishop-Slapping Orange
Hormonal Gopherbubbles
Harlan Killings
Indignant Jenna Justice
Lenny Softbatch
Lowetha Gruffleford
Marcelene Potatohead
Morgan the Tonedeaf

Yes, there’s one big group of seventeen of you. We are starting this game as one big tribe. After this immunity challenge, all of you will vote someone out. More on that as we get to it.

As I asked many of you before about, we’re using Diplochat again this season. The link to the site is here. You’ll receive an email from me with your username and password. Head down to the bottom to the Survivor XIX Beach room. Keep in mind that ALL communication between players must take place on Diplochat. Do not send emails between each other outside the chat site. Your anonymous emails are for keeping your identity hidden from each other when I email you all at once, not for talking between yourselves. If it comes to my attention that any player is attempting or engaging in communication secretly through your emails outside the chat site, consequences will be swift and merciless.

Players have also recently (I mean, in BB2 at least) used the “chat with yourself” function in Diplochat to serve as a kind of Diary Room or Confessional spot, so they can talk about their game/strategy and let me or anyone else observing follow along with what they’re doing. Feel free to keep doing so in this game if you’d like.

Here’s your first Immunity Challenge of the season. It’s called The Spread, and I’m running it in honor of the first time I ran it, the very first challenge of BB1.

Everyone starts with zero points, and each “day”, everyone is given twenty points to spread around, positively or negatively. You can give or take away points from as many people as you want, but you can’t give or take away from yourself. You can only use whole integers; no half points or fractions.

For example, you could:

Give four points each to Alfredo, Amadeus, and Bill
Subtract three each from Billy and Boozeraven
Subtract two points from Buster.

There will be four “days” of spreading. At the end of each “day”, the player with the highest point total and the player with the lowest point total will each be immune, and won’t have to play in the rest of the challenge. So we’ll finish with eight players immune. The point totals will carry over from day to day, of course. If there’s any ties, the player who gained (or lost) the most points that “day” will get immunity. If that is also a tie, we’ll utilize the newly rebranded Survivor Randomizer to decide.

Nonsubs for this first one will be a little lenient. If you don’t submit once, you’ll be out of the running for immunity that “day”, but you’ll stay in the challenge. If you nonsub a second time here, you’ll be out of the challenge and will be voting for yourself come Tribal Council time.

Most deadlines this season are going to be at 8 PM Central in the evenings. However, to give you guys some time to get into Diplochat and start talking to each other, I’m setting the first “day” for this challenge to end at noon Central on Thursday. Send your first set of point spreads to me by that time. The next three “days” will probably be due at Friday noon, Saturday noon, and Sunday evening.

Get at me at dan dot kautz with any questions. Happy spreading, Survivors.