Here’s the final results after Round 4:

Marcelene Potatohead 27
Bill William 20
Bathhouse Dynamo 24

Billy Roid Rage 42
Lowetha Gruffleford 17
Alfredo Ricci 10
Buster Nipplechaps 10
Indignant Jenna Justice 10
Eammon McCord 9
Fruity the Bishop-Slapping Orange 9
Inflatable Boozeraven 5
Harlan Killings 4
Lenny Softbatch -6
Morgan the Tonedeaf -21

Hormonal Gopherbubbles -28
Orangutan Dreams -38
Amadeus Stankyleg -41

Billy R. and Morgan join the other players in bold above as our first set of Survivor XIX Immunity winners. Those eight players are safe and cannot be voted for at the upcoming Tribal Council.

Alfredo and Fruity missed this round. For Fruity, that’s the second missed submission this challenge, so Fruity joins Harlan in voting for themselves at this Tribal Council.

For the other 15 of you, vote for any of the 9 players who are not immune by emailing your vote to me by Monday evening at 8 PM Central. Remember, if you don’t send in a vote, you will also be voting for yourself instead. I will post the result of the first Survivor XIX elimination shortly after that. Good luck, Survivors.