Not a terribly suspenseful first challenge or result, but it serves my intended purposes of clearing out any no-show and getting you guys talking.

Vote 1: Harlan Killings votes for himself.

Vote 2: Fruity the Orange votes for itself.

Vote 3: Lenny Softbatch.

Vote 4: “I vote Harlan. No special vote text. He didn’t participate enough for it.”

Vote 5: “Harlan Killings. Your name makes you sound cool, aloof and distant, so if there’s an award for playing the best character, you’re in the running.”

Vote 6: “Harlan, my boy, you’re merely the first of many.”

Vote 7: “I’ll vote for Harlan Killings. Pretty sure he never even made an appearance.”

Vote 8: Harlan.

Vote 9: Harlan.

Vote 10: Harlan.

Vote 11: Harlan.

Vote 12: Harlan.

Vote 13: Harlan.

Vote 14: “Harlan Killings me smalls”

Vote 15: Harlan.

Vote 16: Harlan.

Vote 17: “I am voting for Harlan due to inactivity. Seems that will be the majority.”


The first person voted out of Spookymilk Survivor XIX is

Jordan “Harlan Killings” Applegren

Apparently the only major casualty of our slight delay in getting started, which is really my fault. Jordan seemed excited to play when he signed up, then I never heard from him again once we got started. At least I know who to probably blame for recruiting him (if you’re thinking it might be the same person who was to blame for recruiting most of our BB2 no-shows last year…you might be right).

Now that we’re down to an even 16 players, as some of you may have guessed, we are splitting into two tribes. You should have access shortly in Diplochat to a new room for your tribe. Until further notice, please use only that room and refrain from talking in the main XIX room. Here’s your new tribe rosters:

Tribe 1:
Billy Roid Rage
Bill William

Tribe 2:

Since those names are boring, I’d like for each tribe to discuss and come up with a new name for themselves, and send them to me by Tuesday at 8 PM Central. I’m not going to just take the first thing someone sends to me unless I can tell it’s a relative consensus that’s been reached.

Now, here’s your first tribe challenge. It’s called Marco Polo Sasquatch, and it was invented, like most things, by Spookymilk himself.

Here is a spreadsheet. You’ll all go on this sheet, notated by the initials there. One person on your team (you decide) will be a Sasquatch while the rest are Villagers.

See, in this snow-capped winter wonderland, the villagers play a game of Marco Polo with the Sasquatches where, if the Sasquatches see them, they get to kill and eat them. It’s a pretty stupid game, when you think about it, but if they were intelligent, would they live in the snowy mountains? Come on now.

The Villagers

Your first turn, due also Tuesday at 9 PM Central, will be to place yourselves on any space. On each of the three turns after that (Wednesday to Friday), you may move one space in any direction, including diagonally, to avoid being seen by either Sasquatch. You can also stay where you are, but you must tell me so. After the first day, if you fail to send a move on any given day, you will be considered a nonsub and will be immediately wiped from the board. Any team that has a nonsub, of course, will go to Tribal Council even if they win the challenge, and the nonsub(s) will again vote for themselves.

The Sasquatches

Place yourselves on any space. On each of the four turns after that, you may move up to three spaces in any direction, including diagonally, though you can also move fewer spaces than that, and bank movement. If you abstain from moving for the first two days, you can move up to 9 spaces on the final day. You wouldn’t do that, but this is hypothetical. Anyone from either team that is on a horizontal, diagonal or vertical line and therefore can be seen by a Sasquatch is killed. This is true even of the initial placements.

Sharing Spaces

Villagers cannot share spaces. If you attempt to initially place yourself on a space already taken, I’ll tell you and ask you to choose another. From there, you can’t trade spots with a player and you can’t move into one where a player is sitting and not moving, so if you attempt this, it will be unsuccessful and you’ll sit in place.

Sasquatches, if they share a space at any time with a villager, will kill the villager in question. Sasquatches can share a space with no penalty to either.


If you miss any move, you’re a nonsub and you die. If you die in any way, obviously you will not be needed for more moves, but you’re still allowed to talk strategy with your team.

If the Sasquatch nonsubs, he is wiped from the board and the remaining turns will be played out with only the opposing Sasquatch on the board.


The team with more surviving villagers at the end of the last day (Friday) is immune. If it’s a draw, we’ll go to sudden death until a team has the advantage.

For the first set of placements, your tribes can each designate one person to send the full set of placements to me if you want. After the first day everyone will be submitting their own moves for themselves (in conjunction with discussion with your tribemates, of course). Those initial placements and Sasquatch picks for each tribe will be due by Tuesday at 8 PM Central. IF you want, and are ready by then, if you get your placements in to me earlier in the day (by about 4 PM or so) I will get the board set up and move us to the next day. The only hard deadline is 8 PM, however, I will be at a basketball game tomorrow evening so if you don’t get those placements in to me until then, I won’t have them up until a while later. Should still be plenty of time for you to prepare for Wednesday’s moves.

Okay, let me know if you have questions, and as always, happy Poloing, Survivors.