First off, since these were the last things I saw talked about and I didn’t see anyone object to them, Tribe 1 is now Sock Hop Explorers Club and Tribe 2 is now Zero Bills. Those names should be updated in Diplochat sooner or later.

Here are the results.

Each tribe lost one member in the initial set of placements. So the 14 of you who are left alive, you must each send me your own move by Wednesday (tomorrow) at 8 PM Central. Everyone’s moves happen simultaneously, so you can move yourself into a sasquatch’s current line of sight if you think he’ll be moving to a different place that turn. I’ll leave the dead bodies on the board till the next turn’s update so you can see where they were, but those spaces are actually empty and can be used with no issue.


Updated on the spreadsheet above, you can see we had six villagers fall today, including the Sock Hop Explorers Club fragging one of their own, leaving Zero Bills with a 4 to 2 advantage heading into the next round. For those of you left alive, your next move is due Thursday (tomorrow) at 8 PM Central.


Only one villager (from Zero Bills) fell today, so Zero Bills is up 3 to 2 heading into the final round. Note that Alfredo and Eammon both tried to move to space I2, resulting in them both remaining in place instead. For those of you left alive, the final round is due Friday (tomorrow) at 8 PM Central.


Zero Bills lost one more villager, which leaves us in a tie after what would be the final day. That means we’ll go to sudden death. We’ll go one day at a time, and at the end of any day, if one tribe is ahead of the other, that tribe wins. If you guys wipe out all the remaining villagers on any particular day, you are BOTH going to Tribal Council and voting someone out.

By my tracking Sock Hop Explorers Club has one Sasquatch space banked and Zero Bills has two spaces banked. You can still use those on any day along with your normal (up to three spaces) moves. The next (and possibly final) turn will be due Saturday night (tomorrow) at 8 PM Central.


Each tribe lost one villager (because again Alfredo and Eammon tried to move to the same space) so we’re still tied. The next round will be due at 8 PM Central on Sunday. By my tracking SHEC now has two banked spaces and ZB has zero.

I’d like to finish this up on Sunday evening whether the next turn ends it or not, so if each tribe can pick out one player (I’m assuming the Sasquatches, but any one of you is fine) who will be around tomorrow evening so we can play out the rest of this live, those two players can take over submitting moves for both of the remaining pieces on the board for each tribe. Let me know who’s willing to do that.