Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to stop talking in Diplochat immediately. I’ll read the votes.

Vote 1: Lenny Softbatch votes for himself.

Vote 2: Lenny Softbatch. “Good luck on your tour”

Vote 3: “My vote is for Lenny.”

Vote 4: Lenny Softbatch. “Ooo oo! Sorry see go. Thanks for volunteer. Good luck at WSL!”

Vote 5: Lenny. “Hope the surfing competitions are fair and just!”

Vote 6: “Lenny – Took the pen out of my hand, and wrote down his own name.”

Vote 7: “As per his request, I vote Lenny Softbatch.”

Vote 8: “Well it seems pretty cut and dry. Vote is for Lenny Softbatch. Wish I could have gotten some cookies before he left!”

Second person voted out of Spookymilk Survivor XIX is

Molly “Lenny Softbatch” Buckrey

Dudes and dudettes, it’s a major bummer to see Molly go out of the game this early. I was super stoked to have her playing again after the radical times we had in Survivor XIV. But, as referenced, she volunteered to head out here as some big things are happening and life is getting a little busy. We definitely wish her the best.

Before we get to the next challenge, I want to hold a Best Character Vote. There may have been one or two squares in the last challenge that could have offered something special if anyone had landed on them, but since no one did, we’ll do this instead. Everyone remaining can send me a vote for up to two other players that you think are doing the best job with portraying their selected characters. You can’t vote for yourself, but you can vote for anyone else, on your tribe or the other tribe. You can vote for two, one, or zero players. Votes for this are due by Wednesday night at 8 PM Central. Anything that comes in after that time won’t be counted.

Your next challenge, meanwhile, is the now-classic Acronomicon. (Although past iterations of this challenge here seem to have stuck an extra “r” in the name, which doesn’t really make sense to me.) Here is a spreadsheet containing 12 categories of acronyms:

The sheet

Your job, simple enough, is to identify as many of those items and their categories as you can. You’ll get 3 points for each individual item you correctly identify, and a bonus 2 points for each category you can identify. The tribe with the most points will win the challenge; the losers will head to another Tribal Council and vote someone out of the game.

If, and only if, the two tribes happen to tie in total points, the winner will be whichever tribe sent their submission of answers in to me first. Also, I am only going to count the first email containing answers I get from anyone on your tribe as your official submission, so be aware and sure that you’re ready to send when you do.

Presuming you create a spreadsheet of your own to work on, if you could put the link in one of your chats or share it with me directly as well, I’d appreciate it. The due date for each tribe to submit to me, via email, their answers is Thursday night at 8 PM Central. Happy acronyming, Survivors.