If anybody has a Hidden Immunity Idol and you want to play it, now would be the time to do so.

…Okay. Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to stop talking in Diplochat immediately. I’ll read the votes.

Vote 1: Morgan: Tone deaf and definitely mute.

Vote 2: Jenna.

Vote 3: Morgan. “I hate to vote for anyone from our tribe. But alas, someone must go. I am sorry Captain Morgan, it’s time to set sail on the open seas. Fare thee well! You will be missed.”

Vote 4: Jenna.

Vote 5: Jenna.

Vote 6: “My vote is for Jenna. Sorry, Jenna, I know it’s not fair.”

Vote 7: Indignant Jenna Justice. “Sometimes, there is just no justice. In this case, literally”

The third person voted out of Spookymilk Survivor XIX is

Melissa “Indignant Jenna Justice” Diamond Phillips

Wow, guys. This game is ON.

So, Challenge Four. This is called Mount Rainier. Here’s another spreadsheet. Your goal is to get someone from your tribe to the top of the mountain before the other tribe does. On the first turn, each tribe will select three people to move – these people must each send in their own moves. One will ascend three spaces, one will ascend two and one will ascend one. These moves are due tomorrow night (Saturday) at 8 PM Central.

On each subsequent turn, your tribe gets five moves: the aforementioned 3, 2, 1 ascensions as well as a pair of blocks – again, each player must send in their own ascensions or blocks. The blocks are spent on specific people on the opposite side, and if they attempt to ascend on that turn, they won’t go anywhere.

Since Sock Hop Explorers Club has two more players than Zero Bills now, they’ll be sitting two people out of the challenge. Those have been randomly selected as Marcelene Potatohead and Hormonal Gopherbubbles. You two aren’t on the board and won’t be responsible for sending in any individual moves, but you certainly can (and probably should) still help out with your tribe’s strategy.

We’re going to play for a maximum of 7 turns, one per day(so till next Friday). If either tribe has a member reach the top before then, of course, they’ll win the challenge. Otherwise, the tribe with the highest member at the end of 7 turns will win, and the losing tribe will head to Tribal Council and vote a member out of the game.

Since not all members of the tribe will submit a move each turn, and it’s up to you to decide who does, I won’t track any official nonsubs. If somebody doesn’t submit something they were supposed to, that move simply won’t happen. On the other hand, if anybody on the same tribe tries to double up a move (i.e. someone else sends in “move up 2” and then you send the same, or your tribe tries to send 3 blocks) I’ll let you know that move’s already been used as soon as I can so you can send a new one.

We’ll use the same procedure Spookymilk laid out for breaking a tie (if both tribes reach the top the same turn, or are on the same height at the end).

Number of players who reached the top. If three players reach at once, then the tribe with more reaching the top has won.
Height. If one of the tribes had one person go higher while winning, then they break the tie. That is, if they sent a person to a hypothetical tenth space upward while the other tribe only reached the ninth.
The total number of spaces ascended by the entire tribe.
If we’re still tied after all that, we’ll go with the next person to reach the top.

That should be it. After you read through all that, let me know if you have questions. Again, your first set of 3 moves are due Saturday at 8 PM Central. Happy climbing, Survivors.