We’re sort of at the halfway point. With seven weeks to go, almost everybody has a shot. Even Brooks! So to celebrate Brooks (seriously, how come nobody ever talks about him?) we’re going to borrow another one of his ideas and I’ll give you a clip from a song or a poem and you’ll write however you’re inspired. However, to not completely copy Brooks, I’ll give you two parts:

Pick your lips ’til they’re bleeding
Don’t you know I fell
The lair of the queer devil
Is deeper than you thought

or if that’s too abstract for ya, or if you’re just darn hungry

Gorillas are for eating

Remember, this is all about inspiration. There’s no right way to take any of it. If these lines inspire you to write about existentialism, or time travel, or beans, go for it. The only wrong way to play is to not play, unless you time travel back to the first challenge. There was definitely a wrong way to play that one.

Word Limit: 250