Here you go.

I saw somebody call this challenge “grueling”, which had me thinking, hey, this takes about five seconds a night for me to update, which is pretty nice. I’m sure we can come up with some other games to play later on this season that will really up the Gruel Factor for you guys…if you, ahem, survive that long.

Check out the spoiler for the winner and the call for votes from the losers after the jump.

Sock Hop Explorers Club got Alfredo to the 8th row, and so they are the winners. That means Zero Bills is going back to Tribal Council for the third straight time. Zero Bills, you must each send me a vote to eliminate one of your members by Sunday evening at 8 PM Central. I figure I’ll give you an extra day for that since it’s the weekend, plus I still have to get around to writing up the next challenge.