If anybody has a Hidden Immunity Idol and you want to play it, now would be the time to do so.

…Okay. Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to stop talking in Diplochat immediately. I’ll read the votes.

Vote 1: “Dynamo – One tie all tie? Have fun team.”

Vote 2: Bathhouse Dynamo. “Glad you came aboard, but would’ve liked to have seen more of ya”

Vote 3: “My vote goes to Dynamo. Where the heck did you go?”

Vote 4: “I guess my vote is for Dynamo who seems to have given up. It’s a shame because he was pretty helpful early on.”

Vote 5: “I vote for Dynamo, who disappeared on the home stretch of this challenge. Too bad, really, as bathtime won’t be the same.”

Vote 6: “My vote is for Dynamo. I’m sorry.”

The fourth person voted out of Spookymilk Survivor XIX is

Yick- “Bathhouse Dynamo” -it

Damn it, guys. I hate seeing Yickit go out of games early, cause he’s usually a fun player to watch. Plus, he did me a big solid jumping in late to take over after the original Dynamo pulled out. So thanks, Yickit. Another good guy gone too soon.

So here’s your new challenge. It’s called Cookie Supply Drop, and I just made it up today after somebody told me “You should make up a challenge that involved cookies.” It’s been a while since I’ve run something I invented from scratch myself, so we’ll see how this goes. Hopefully it’s not a Till Goldworthy Memorial Lottery-style disaster or anything.

All the players on each tribe will be on a board – here it is. This time I’m not going to have anyone from Sock Hop sit out; instead, all eight of you will play and submit your own moves. Meanwhile, since Zero Bills has three fewer players, I will need three members of Zero Bills to be nominated by that tribe to manage the moves for their three extra player “pieces”. So basically ZB will have two people controlling one piece each, and three people controlling two each. Get me those selections by the first deadline, as you’ll see farther down.

For each turn of this challenge, there will be four drops of boxes of cookies at four randomly-selected spots on this board. These drop spots will never repeat. There are 20 cookies in each box. The goal of the challenge is to be the tribe that finishes with the most cookies.

Here’s how the cookies get picked up after each drop: the two closest pieces, one from each tribe, will divide the cookies up between them depending on how close they are to the box drop spot. This works for any direction – horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. If the two players are the same distance away, they each pick up 10 cookies. The split then changes based on the difference between the two distances – so if one player is 3 spaces away, and the other tribe’s closest player is 4 spaces away, the split will be 13 for the closer player and 7 for the other. If the difference between them is 2, the split will be 16 to 4, and if the difference is 3 or more, the closer player will get all 20 cookies.

Before each cookie drop, you’ll have the chance to move your players around the board, to try to get in better positions. However, the distance you are able to move is affected by how many cookies you are holding. An empty-handed player can move up to 10 spaces in any direction, but for every 4 cookies you are holding, your movement ability decreases by 1, so someone holding 20 cookies can only move 5 spaces.

Each player-piece will have two single-use powers they can use. Your power uses will go into affect at the same time your moves around the board do. You each have one “block” power, which you can use to keep any other player in the space they are in that turn, regardless of the movement they send in. You also have one “cookie steal” power, which can steal any amount of cookies another player is holding up to what you are able to also hold. If two players try to steal from the same other player, for some reason, the player with fewer held cookies will be successful; if that’s the same number, the player who submitted the steal to me earliest will be successful. Both players will use up their steal power, however. This seems like it shouldn’t ever happen, but I figured I’d state it anyway.

As you might have gathered, each player-piece can hold no more than 20 cookies at a time. This also affects the splits during the drops – the closest player from each tribe to each drop spot are the only ones who can pick that drop up, but if one (or both) would pick up more cookies than they have room left to hold, those extra cookies will simply be lost. So each tribe may want to move their players to the bank spots to store their cookies and be able to pick up more. Each tribe has two bank spots – represented by your tribe color, orange for Sock Hop and cyan for Zero Bills. If you move to a space adjacent to the bank spot (again, horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) the cookies you’re currently holding will be stored and safe for the rest of the challenge for your tribe’s total count.

We’ll run this challenge until next Sunday – for five turns after your initial placements. Again, the tribe with the highest total cookie count – from cookies banked and held at the end of the last turn – will win the challenge. For the first turn, you all only need to send me an initial starting space for each of your eight players on the board, and Zero Bills has to send me the three players who will be controlling two pieces each. If two players try to claim the same starting spot, the first one to send will be successful and I’ll ask the second to send me another spot. Those starting positions will be due Monday night at 8 PM Central. The first cookie drops will happen at that time.

Okay, guys. Let me know if you have questions; since I just made this up, there might be a lot. I’ll do my best to guide us all through it. Happy cookieing, Survivors.