If anybody has a Hidden Immunity Idol and you want to play it, now would be the time to do so.

…Okay. Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to stop talking in Diplochat immediately. I’ll read the votes.

Vote 1: Fruity the Bishop-Slapping Orange votes for itself.

Vote 2: Marcelene Potatohead votes for herself.

Vote 3: Fruity. “See, Fruity, the thing is, you gotta be bad, you gotta be bold you gotta be wiser.”

Vote 4: “My vote is for Fruity”

Vote 5: “I am voting fruity tonight”

Vote 6: Fruity.

Vote 7: Fruity. “We need a little more participation.”

Vote 8: “I’ll vote for fruity. Poor bishops.”

Fifth Person voted out of Spookymilk Survivor XIX is

Roxanne “Fruity the Bishop-Slapping Orange” Lewis

Alright, Survivors, after a pretty complex game last time, we’ll do something much, much simpler. It’s called Shoving Match. Both teams will randomly send a person up for a shoving match, and the person who shoves harder will be the winner. I’ve already got the random order determined; Zero Bills, similar to before, will have two players going twice (they already know who those two are). So after seven matches, the tribe that wins the most will be immune. In other words, first tribe to four wins, so if you’re near the end of my secret list, you might not have to go at all, if one tribe or the other dominates.

Each tribe has a cache of 1000 energy points. You spend points (full integers only; no fractions or decimals) to try to win matches. When the combatants in the first match have submitted, I’ll announce which person won, although I won’t let you know how many points were used. Whether you win or lose, the energy points you spent from the tribe’s cache are lost.

If two people expend the same amount of points, there will be a draw without a second push. If at the end of the seven matches the tribes are tied (like, there was one drawn match and a 3-3 split), the tribe with more remaining points in their cache will be victorious. If this still results in a draw, I guess we’ll have both tribes go to Tribal Council, cause why not?

Changes are allowed, if you get your change in before I put up the result. So you’ll probably want to be sure before you send. I’m going to run two matches per day, the first ones due at 2 PM Central and the second ones due at 8 PM Central. If you get the points for your match sent to me earlier than the deadline, I’ll update as soon as I can. Functionally, though, I’m probably going to be updating the afternoon ones pretty close to 2 PM anyway, and if you send the evening ones soon after that, I probably won’t get them up till a few hours later. Just remember I usually sleep during the day, more or less, so try not to get too impatient.

The first match will be between Hormonal Gopherbubbles and Lowetha Gruffleford. You each have until 2 PM Central on Tuesday (tomorrow). Oh yeah, if anybody nonsubs this challenge, I won’t hold it against you myself, but you will automatically lose your match, of course, and I’ll make sure your tribe knows you didn’t send anything. So even if you want to use 0 points, you need to send that in for me when it’s your match.

Happy shoving, Survivors.