Now I’ll put the point totals each player used up, as well.

Match 1: HORMONAL GOPHERBUBBLES (16) def. Lowetha Gruffleford (13)

Match 2: Billy Roid Rage (26) def. by MORGAN THE TONEDEAF (207)

Match 3: Bill William (26) def. by EAMMON MCCORD (69)

Match 4: Alfredo Ricci (300) def. by INFLATABLE BOOZERAVEN (350)

Match 5: AMADEUS STANKYLEG (125) def. Eammon McCord (3)


Match 6: Marcelene Potatohead (107) def. by ORANGUTAN DREAMS (351)

Zero Bills wins 4 matches to 2. That means Sock Hop Explorers Club heads back to Tribal Council. Sock Hop members, each of you must send me a vote to eliminate one of your tribemates by 8 PM Central tomorrow (Friday) evening.

Good match. This one was very fun for me to follow your strategies back and forth.