If anybody has a Hidden Immunity Idol and you want to play it, now would be the time to do so.

…Okay. Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to stop talking in Diplochat immediately. I’ll read the votes.

Vote 1: “Alfredo “hmmm” Ricci”

Vote 2: “Voting Bill. The one Without a y. I hope this works.”

Vote 3: Alfredo Ricci.

Vote 4: Bill William. “I cheated myself like I knew I would. I told you I was troubled. You know that I’m no good.”

Vote 5: “Hmm this is tough. Alfredo”

Vote 6: “My vote is for Bill”

Three votes Alfredo, three votes Bill. One vote left.

Vote 7: “Vote for Bill Will I Am. Gday sir.”

Sixth person voted out of Spookymilk Survivor XIX is

Justin “Bill William” Weber

This is definitely the point of the game where I start hating to lose pretty much anyone left in. Bill W. was a little quiet, maybe, but he was interesting to watch and this game will miss him.

Alright. With eleven players left, time for two orders of business. The first is, it’s time for you all to Drop. Your. Buffs. We are merged.

Everyone, head back to the Survivor XIX beach chatroom; we’ll be using that room only for the rest of the game. There is to be no more talking in your tribe chatrooms. Offenders will be yelled at by me, and any repeat offenders will face in-game sanctions.

Second order of business is, now that we’re merged, it’s time for an interlude of Hide Yourself. Time to see how well you’ve done at keeping your own identity secret, and deducing the identity of other players.

Everyone will have until the deadline to send me a list with guesses of the other players’ true identities. There is no penalty for wrong guesses on your part, so send me whatever you think about everyone else. We’ll be looking for three eventual results:

The player(s) who identifies the most other players correctly
The player(s) who are identified correctly by others the most
The player(s) who are identified correctly by others the least

Each of these results will have effects in the game. However, you may or may not hear more from me about any or all of these results. You’ll just have to wait and see.

The deadline for submissions for this is Monday night at 8 PM Central. There will be no speed component to this, so don’t worry about getting it in at any particular time before the deadline. However, once you send your official list to me I won’t accept any changes, so you should be sure before you send (if you want to write down guesses and theories in your chatroom “confessionals”, on the other hand, you can do as much of that as you want). After that deadline, watch for further communication from me; there may be another component or more to resolve before we get to our next full immunity challenge.

In the meantime, get back in the big Survivor XIX chatroom and enjoy your merge feast. Happy hiding, Survivors.