Round 4 is updated. We are now down to only three survivors, and therefore, they are your immunity winners.

Eammon McCord, Lowetha Gruffleford, and Orangutan Dreams are safe and cannot be voted for at this Tribal Council. Everyone must send me a vote to eliminate anyone other than those three by tomorrow (Thursday) at 8 PM Central.

Here’s the updated sheet.

Should be pretty self-explanatory, but let me know if you have any questions. (“Steps Taken Away” can also be understood as a total tally of lights someone had turned on them; for example, Dreams could have moved safely only 1 space this turn as he had 2 lights turned on him.)

Those of you with 1 in the Abstain column, if you abstain again you will be eliminated, unless you would otherwise be eliminated by moving (i.e. you get 3 or more lights turned on you). Those with a green colored Abstain column have used a “necessary” abstain, so effectively you can subtract 1 from your number there. We’ll keep counting up the colored-coded “good” abstains as we keep getting them, I guess.