Besides the whole moving, house and job searching crap, a major reason I’ve seemed a tad distracted lately is that I’m working on the next Survivor (or BB, whatever) game and am looking for ways to continue evolving and attempting to give people the kind of fun that they’re looking for around here.

I’ve never done a real theme game before, but I’m strongly considering doing one next time, with my current plan being a Harry Potter septology theme (though I’m open to suggestion).

A couple questions:

1) When I run turn-based challenges I typically do a few turns per day; DK sticks with one most of the time because he works nights. Which do you prefer as a player?

2) We always come back to this, but how much do you like or dislike anonymity? Should I continue to run both types?

3) Facebook chat groups, like BB2: did you like or dislike them?

4) Assuming you’re familiar with the Potter series, what are some scenes or concepts that you would most like to see turned into challenges?

To DK and the PwtP judges: I greatly appreciate you keeping the place humming along during this crazy transition period I’ve got going. Thanks, as always, for your contributions.