Can you believe there’s only a month left in the regular season? I’m as distraught as you are.

So I feel like lately I’ve only been marginally ripping off the CdL for prompts. Now I’m not even going to pretend to try something new. We’re just going to go ahead and repeat some previous challenges, and mostly ones I created. This one has only been run once that I know of and produced a strong batch of stories four years ago.

Many writers in past seasons have written a regular story and then — A HA! — it turns out to be from the perspective of a dog or a cat.

Well, now you don’t get that surprise.

Your job is to write a story from the perspective of an animal.  Your animal of choice witnesses some important event.  It can be a famous historical event, or something noteworthy you made up.  As long as it’s not just “a day in the life of…”

Word Limit: 300