All the revotes are in, so we might as well get this over with tonight.

Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to stop talking in Diplochat immediately. I’ll read the votes.

Vote 1: Amadeus.

Vote 2: Amadeus.

Vote 3: “Amadeus – Dangit Brooksalike! Go back to your home!”

Vote 4: Amadeus.

Vote 5: “I’ll vote Amadeus…again. One of these times it’ll stick.”

Eleventh person voted out of Spookymilk Survivor XIX, and the fifth member of the jury, is

Amadeus Stankyleg

Amadeus will be sent to the jury document to join the other four jurors.

Here’s a new challenge I had a dear, dear friend of mine whip up for me in a short amount of time for our next game. I want to thank this friend for putting this together so quickly.
Oh no, Survivors! Aliens have attacked the beach!

The day of wrath has come for you all.

Fortunately, you each knew this day would come, and have prepared jetpacks to escape your dark fate.

Unfortunately, these stupid things are COMPLICATED.

There are three dials, each crudely numbered; the first goes to nine and the other two go to one hundred. Near as you can tell, the first value is multiplied by the second value, with the third value then added. That means that the minimum value would be 2, with the maximum value 1000. Somewhere between 1 and 1000 is the optimal engine settings. These settings will make your jetpack go faster.

Which is good, because getting away from these aliens is about the same as getting away from a hungry bear. You don’t need to outrun them, you just need to outrun all of the other survivors.

We’ll play this in rounds. On each round, the optimal engine setting will change; it will never be the same from round to round. If your engine setting is greater than the optimal value, your jetpack will blow up and you’ll be dead. On the other hand, on each round, the Survivor with the lowest engine setting will be caught by the aliens and probed to death.

Once everyone else is dead, the last Survivor will escape from the aliens and will win immunity. If we end in a tie between two players, we’ll play one more round; after that, if there’s another tie, neither will win immunity.

This could take as little as one day, or it could take a few. First round will be due tomorrow (Tuesday) at 8 PM Central. Happy jetting, Survivors.