Here is a doc where I will put each day’s results.

Additionally, here are your game boards.

Day 7 results are updated. Here are the dollar totals after 7 days:

Alfredo: $49
Billy: $66
Boozeraven: $73
Eammon: $86

Now we will tally up your end-of-game bonuses.

Alfredo: 1x$4 + 4x$3 + 2x$2 = $20
Billy: 1x$4 + 3x$3 + 2x$2 = $17
Boozeraven: 2x$4 + 3x$3 + 2x$3 + 1x$1 = $24
Eammon: 3x$4 + 3x$3 + 2x$2 = $25

And your final totals:

Alfredo: $49 + $20 = $69
Billy: $66 + $17 = $83
Boozeraven: $73 + $24 = $97
Eammon: $86 + $25 = $111

Eammon McCord made the most money and is our final Immunity winner of the season. And hey, you guys all played this pretty well; I know that looks like a big difference in totals, but keep in mind all four of you scored higher than The Sacred Pillow did in this game back in Big Brother 2.

Eammon cannot be voted for at the next Tribal Council. All four of you must send me a vote to eliminate any other player by tomorrow (Monday) at 8 PM Central. Remember, at the final four the revote/Purple Rock of Death scenario no longer applies; instead, if we have a 2-2 voting tie here, we will play a tiebreaker challenge and the loser will be eliminated.