So here’s a reminder as to the playoff bracket.

The #1 seed gets TWO bye weeks, all the way to the semifinals.

Seeds #2-#4 get ONE bye week to the quarterfinals.

Seeds #5-#9 will face each other in the octofinals, with the top 3 scorers advancing.

Only three players have a chance at the #1 seed: Joshua (143), Sama (140), and Christina (133). Those three have also locked up a bye to the quarterfinals already.

The battle for the final bye spot is between Margaret (121) and Brendan (115). Technically, if Annette gets quad-gold while Margaret gets quad-bronze, she could finish in 4th, but if that happens I’ll vote for Trump.

Annette, Melissa, Bret, and Kelly are writing for pride in the final week and to try to disrupt things atop the standings.

Also, a big thank you to Abby who keeps writing despite being eliminated from the playoffs. Do we have a Miss Congeniality Award? She’ll wind up in 10th place this season.

With four players just writing for fun this week, we’re going to make this challenge short to encourage everyone to submit (and to give you guys a breezier week before the real deal).

Challenge 13: Epitaph

Write me an epitaph. You can make it funny or sad. You can write it about a celebrity, someone you know, or a fictional character.

Word Limit: 50 (not including the name of the person or dates, if you decide to use any)