Click on through for the answers given by the three finalists to the questions submitted by the jury, as well as their final statements.


From Dreams: Who was your biggest ally through this game? How did your plans adjust when that ally was taken out?

This is a tough question and has different answers depending on how you interpret it.

One of my very first friends was Buster. Unfortunately, that alliance never got off the ground because she was eliminated fairly early.

My first, reliable ally, and perhaps the most trustworthy, was Amadeus. He was honest with me and we seemed to have very similar goals. He was upfront with how votes were going and convinced me not to play my idol, which came in handy later. After that, I strived to keep him around, but similar to Buster, he was eliminated before we could get much further. Incidentally, his elimination was perhaps the best thing he could do for me (in that scenario), since it was him or me!

Finally, Alfredo. With Amadeus gone, I intended to search for allies from the former opposing team. However, Alfredo approached me and wanted to make sure members of SEC at least made the final few. With the two of us working together, we were able to keep up with the former Zero Bills members. Alfredo definitely helped me get to the very end and for that, I would have to say he is the biggest ally.

From Morgan: Give me a reason why the other two players specifically shouldn’t win.

Regarding Eammon: I believe he was a decent player when it came to challenges, however, I don’t think he did much to control the game in his favor. I feel Eammon mostly relied on immunity from challenges, which is definitely beneficial, but only a part of the game. Even with that, Eammon still had to rely on two immunity idols!

Regarding Boozeraven: Similar to Eammon, I feel Boozeraven made it to the end by simply being in the right alliance with Dreams (and therefore Eammon, even if she didn’t know it). I don’t think she had much to do with how the game progressed through the challenges.

Regarding both: I feel Dreams was the real threat out of this alliance. As I understand it, he was the one plotting all the moves and controlling the game. With him out of the picture Eammon and Boozeraven wouldn’t have made it this far, nor did they have a reason to stick together.

From Amadeus: Idol aside, how do you feel you best positioned yourself to survive until the end and impress a jury enough to win?

To be honest, everything seemed up in the air until elimination 8 (and 9). Ideally we could have slowly whittled away at the former Zero Bills members, but they were clearly a tight group and I was afraid our former team wouldn’t hold up as well… and then we lost Buster and Amadeus in eliminations 10 and 11.

Now we get to the final 5, which is where my strategy and ‘masterminding’ really came into play. I know you said idol aside, but it plays into the strategy, so I have to at least acknowledge it. Without it, I would’ve had to attempt a whole different strategy.

Step one of the strategy was to convince the other team, specifically Dreams (since he was so inquisitive) that I didn’t have the idol. I believe I successfully convinced him that I traded it to someone else (he assumed Buster). Next, I needed to get Zero Bills to vote off their own players until it was 2 vs 3. They could do this, because they didn’t think we had an idol, so they would still be safely in charge. This didn’t exactly work out as I would’ve liked it (Eammon was supposed to get eliminated, but Dreams unsuspectedly protected him) but one of their own did still get eliminated: Lowetha. At this point, I knew we were safe as long as we could eliminate one of their players by predicting who they would vote for, and protecting them with the idol. I feel one of my best moves of the game was getting Dreams into voting for me over Alfredo. I feel I did this by slowly building distrust with him and then finally calling him on his own dishonesty. I also leaked to Boozeraven that I would like to eliminate Dreams. I didn’t overplay it and it worked. We eliminated Dreams, who I thought was the driving force on their side. Finally, it was 4 vs 4. With Boozeraven and Eammon missing a team member, I suspected they would be looking for an ally. I jumped at this opportunity, before Alfredo could. Fortunately for me, Alfredo managed to upset Boozeraven which helped forge and validate my partnership with her.

From Marcelene: Idols and powers played a role in many eliminations. How did you use these moments for you or how were they used against you? How much easier or harder did they make your journey?

The idol that really messed up my plan was Eammon’s in elimination 11. This ultimately saved him and lead to the demise of Amadeus (one of my favorite allies). This was a big hit, but as mentioned above, Alfredo jumped in to take his spot, fortunately.

The next idol that made things difficult is when Dreams protected Eammon. I had really hoped to get Eammon out that turn since it was pretty clear he was in with Dreams. I wanted to divide that power. We even had enough votes. This didn’t turn out too bad though as Lowetha was eliminated instead, someone I had very little contact with.

Obviously, the idol that saved me the most was mine. It was played both strategically and out of necessity. It was the last round, I was being voted out, and it eliminated Dreams.

Billy’s Final Statement:

Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, the defendant… Ahem. Sorry. Too formal.

I’ll try to make this short since my other answers were so long.

First, thank you to all my fallen teammates and allies – your efforts and aide helped me get to the final three. It was pretty clear to everyone from SEC that the Zero Bills group was an organized, tight-knit group since the merge. Everyone from SEC were underdogs from the moment we were one player down (much less two). I feel Dreams alliance was the biggest threat to me (and anyone else not in his alliance). I orchestrated the move that brought him down and ultimately struck the final blow that equaled the ‘teams’ of Zero Bills and SEC.

Next, a little side note for Alfredo – since I know you’ll be reading this and others may be wondering why I voted you. I wasn’t sure I could trust you through the whole game. You were very cold and un-talkative to me until you realized I was your only chance of winning. Once things went south between you and Boozeraven I realized my plan to eliminate Eammon would never happen. Therefore, I chose to eliminate you instead of take a 50/50 shot at Boozeraven since I had already become a better team with her. Honestly, I am sorry. And if Eammon weren’t immune the last round, I still may have been swayed to vote otherwise.

Finally, for everyone, thanks! It’s been great playing with all of you. When making your decision, remember I’m super buff and may suddenly enter fits of uncontrolled rage. Choose wisely.


From Dreams: I know you found yourself in the kingmaker position at least once this game. Explain your thought processes and why you ultimately decided the way you did.

Yes, this was a unique position for me. For those who may not know what the situation was, there was a point when we got to a final five situation that I had to ultimately decide the fate of my game. I had been loyal the ENTIRE game to Dreams and Eammon. Not only were they both super entertaining and fun to interact with, but they were both extremely strong allies that were very trustworthy. It would have been silly to distance myself from them…until this point. Wow, that was a rough week. Of course, Dreams and Eammon and I had discussed a final 3 arrangement back around cycle 3. I was so torn. Hey, what we had was WORKING! It was honestly the best alliance that I have ever had in any game that I had ever played. I had never felt so comfortable trusting an alliance so much and we worked VERY well together. So there was that. However, this is still a Survivor game and as much as I value the social aspect of the game, I still want to win of course! 😉 So, that is what made the other side SO appealing. I could have taken sides with Billy and Alfredo, eliminated Dreams and Eammon and probably had a VERY good shot at winning the game. However, I was completely torn between my loyalty/final 3 agreement and a possible better opportunity of winning. I went back and forth with this. Keep in mind, had I known that we would be in a final 3 facing jury vs a final 2 this would have been a much harder decision. I played out all scenarios. On the Dreams/Eammon side, I knew there was a possibility that I would not see final 2 unless I won the final immunity. On the Billy/Alfredo side, I thought POSSIBLY Alfredo would take me if they won but wasn’t sure about Billy. So either way, it really made it come down to the fact I HAD to win final immunity in order to make final 2. So then I was faced with who I had a better chance of beating when facing the jury. This is what had me staying up at night haha…I KNEW I had a much better chance at winning against either Alfredo or Billy. In the end, not having a guarantee that EITHER Billy or Alfredo would have taken me to final 2 with them…I sided with loyalty. I thought if I don’t make it to final 2 and I chose them, at least then I have the consolation that I never flipped. If I had flipped at this point and Alfredo and Billy took each other? Ugh, I couldn’t even stand the thought of that. I finally made a solid decision and deciding to play my ass off in that final immunity in order to get to tell my side of the game to you fine folks. WHO KNEW IT WOULD BE A FINAL 3?? OR THAT BILLY WOULD RESET THE GAME?? ☺

From Morgan: Give me a reason why the other two players specifically shouldn’t win.

Billy – Well, Billy was pretty non-existent for most of the game. I was an active player all throughout. I don’t think the last 2-3 weeks can make up for the time lost for the majority of the game. That being said, Billy I REALLY enjoyed working with you as of late. I truly think you are a really nice person and I HATE having to say anything negative here. Damn you Morgan!

Eammon – What can I say? Eammon played an awesome game. I truly enjoyed every moment we worked together. I am still pissed ya ate the hammock however and half of the clothes on the beach so that would probably be why you shouldn’t win. Clearly the goat cannot control herself.

From Amadeus: What was your plan for winning this game?

My plan for winning this game came from identifying allies that I felt comfortable interacting with, could trust moderately, and would be strong and active competitors in the challenges. I found all that and more in Dreams and Eammon. I was very fortunate to have developed that bond early on and my full intention from the beginning was to go as far as possible with them. My game play is many times dependent on loyalty. I like to form bonds early on and maintain those as long as I can. You always hope it will last but usually doesn’t. Most times, early alliances are broken up by the need to survive/disloyalty. This alliance wasn’t like that. Of course, you always question/double-guess words and actions but both Dreams and Eammon were open and honest throughout the entire game. I truly felt that I was “in on” every move that was being made and I reciprocated. So I rode that out. The end game was always in the back of my mind however and for quite a while, I wasn’t sure how I was going to handle that. I pushed it away thinking that there was a very real possibility the 3 of us may have been broken up by then and I would have had to redirect anyway. As it got closer and we were on a pretty good path, I really started to sweat it a little. My head was saying that I need to break away from them to give myself the best chance of winning but we had also come so far and no matter what I really wanted to remain loyal to our final 3 deal. So once we got to eight, I started thinking about what my personal end game was. There were still enough others to try to team up with but it wasn’t the right time to break away. We were such a solid trio that I couldn’t have possibly trusted anyone else as much. So I hung in for a couple more votes, Buster left and Amadeus. This is where it got a bit difficult. Lowetha was a strong 4th that we had been working with but I also knew from our talks that he was thinking of aligning with the other side. I was thinking the same thing but this was my first REAL thought of flipping. I decided to stay true and of course maintained open communication with Dreams and Eammon. THIS was the most pivotal point in the game for me. Dreams and Eammon OR Billy and Alfredo. Voting Eammon (on a no risk vote) gave me the freedom to choose either side I wanted since I had now convinced Billy and Alfredo that I was on board for flipping. On one side, I thought I would definitely have a clearer path to winning, but fought against betraying the alliance I had been with and had been loyal to me the ENTIRE game. However, this is Survivor right? Only 1 can win. After going back and forth for about a week agonizing over what to do, I decided to remain loyal and KILL that final immunity. Then I would be faced with the most difficult decision…who to take to final 2 with me. (Who knew DK was going to make it a final 3?) That is when Billy reset the game and I had to reevaluate EVERYTHING! Chatting was cut wayyy down, everyone was trying to regroup ESPECIALLY me. Alfredo and Billy were talking to me more than ever and it was at this point I thought about siding with them. My plan was to win that final immunity challenge to give myself the freedom to make that choice. Well done Eammon on that. So here I am, bearing all to you fine jury folk. I made it to the final tribal…and hopefully the win.

From Bubbles: Name one instance in which you came up with a strategic plan or even an idea and fed it to Eammon or Dreams.

I gave strategic input/moves MANY times throughout this game. The biggest one that comes to mind was telling Eammon that I was voting for her when Dreams planned to use his idol on her. Then Dreams suggested it too and I had told him I already planned on it. It was my ONLY move to make there. It put me into the strongest position that I had the entire game. I was safe knowing that my alliance was still safe and it gave me the credibility I needed to leave the option open of flipping to Billy and Alfredo. Then, I acted my ASS off to Billy and Alfredo completely convincing them that I had NO idea about the idol and Eammon had just “gotten lucky”.

From Marcelene: Idols and powers played a role in many eliminations. How did you use these moments for you or how were they used against you? How much easier or harder did they make your journey?

Yes, there were MANY idols/powers haha!! They almost gave me a heart attack at times. Well, Morgan’s power was the first one. He HAD to use that power right away in order to get the target off his back as evidenced by the vote. I believe eliminating Marcelene was a positive move for our tribe and we were all very on board with that thought. There were thoughts that Amadeus had an idol and we were able to flush that one with very little issue thankfully. The biggest ones were yet to come. One of Eammon’s little secrets was her idol. I didn’t even know she had it but of course suspected it. I knew there was another idol out there but not quite sure who had it. I had gone to Eammon at that point and suggested splitting votes. She poo-poo’ed that idea a bit which further lent itself to my suspicion that she may have one. During this time, there was talk of mutiny from Lowetha and Alfredo and both had expressed thoughts of voting Eammon out. I went to Eammon with this information because of course I did not want to lose one of my closest allies. Luckily, she DID have the idol which kept our alliance intact. Then came Dreams’ idol…WOO! This idol did the most for my personal game and ultimately set up the “Kingmaker” position referenced in the earlier question. So, the grumblings of mutiny were still going on and of course they now thought they had flushed Eammon’s idol so this was their time to get her out. Even Dreams mentioned voting Eammon but I don’t think they really ever believed he truly would. As mentioned previously, I had decided to vote Eammon here knowing that Lowetha would be the one actually going but also knowing as long as I acted it out very well, that this would allow me to gain trust with the other side that I was truly interested in working with them. The last idol…Oh BILLY, you dastardly devil you! 😉 This idol was the only one that “may have” hurt my game. It did eliminate the possibility of me having to choose between Eammon and Dreams in a final 2 situation but it was bittersweet as we also learned at this point that it would have been final 3. In a way, I believe it still helped my game in the fact that I now had options again. I could still side with Eammon, but if anyone BUT Eammon won final immunity, the vote would have most likely resulted in a tie and there was a possibility I would have been in the final 3 with Billy and Alfredo instead. Either way, I felt I had a better chance with Billy and Eammon than I would have had with Dreams and Eammon. So as much as the idol hurt my heart, it actually worked in my best interest.

Boozeraven’s Final Statement:

Whoa, that was a lot of reading huh guys? Sorry about that, but I REALLY appreciate you reading and considering every word of that. I thank you so much for the opportunity to tell my side of the game and really just for the opportunity to be here right now. I took a LOT of time to carefully consider and answer each of your questions, thank you!

I know at least a couple of you approached me to “defect” from my alliance. I just never was able to click with you guys to get past surface level conversation to really establish any base of trust. And again, what Dreams and Eammon and I had was working…very well. We stayed loyal to our tribe and brought Alfredo in to strengthen our numbers, all the while keeping our core 3 intact. Every move, every challenge was carefully planned and coordinated with each other. I believe this is what led to our success. In our tribe we were very cohesive and communicated well with each other. Our plan going into the merge was to stay aligned but not set up group chats in order to appear disjointed as much as possible. We were practically impenetrable and this allowed us to take the control of this game.

Now, the decision is yours. I ask that you carefully consider every move in the game and I trust that you will make the right decision. I want to wish both of my competitors the best of luck. DK, this game was AWESOME and I would honestly not change ONE thing about it. I stand behind my loyalty and my game play and would do it all over again if faced with the same situation.

Thank you all so much!!


From Morgan: Give me a reason why the other two players specifically shouldn’t win.

I can’t really speak much about Billy’s game. I didn’t have anything to do with him until the very end, and not very much then either. So, I guess that would be my answer.

Boozie played a great game. She’s been a rock and a great ally and I take full credit for deciding to hook up with her (of course I mean that in the biblical sense). Do I think she played a better game than I did? I do not. She was always included in the big moves of the game, but I instigated them.

From Amadeus: At what point were you planning on cutting Orangutan free? If so, how were you planning to accomplish this?

I feel like the winning answer is supposed to be that I would never have taken him to the end. But that would be disingenuous. I had no intention of turning on Dreams. But also, I did not know it was going to be a final three, instead of a final two. A lot could have happened (and did) before we got to two. We had always planned on taking Boozie to final three and if she had won the last challenge, I was about 65% sure she would have picked me over Dreams.

If it had been down to he and I before the jury, I was hoping that he would have managed to piss off more people than I did. I don’t think that’s out of the realm of possibility. And based on who got eliminated when Billy played that last idol, I was right. Dreams played a great game, but we played very closely and I don’t think he made many moves that we didn’t discuss and plan together.

From Marcelene: Idols and powers played a role in many eliminations. How did you use these moments for you or how were they used against you? How much easier or harder did they make your journey?

Idols were awarded for best character and both Dreams and I got one. We had already decided we were going to be a team, so you can imagine our glee. Two idols between two players who were working closely together? Pretty great tool. Then, right before we hit the merge, Morgan won the power to hijack a vote by more accurately guessing identities. We hit the merge down in numbers and tried to sway Alfredo. Ultimately, Alfredo didn’t vote with us. Having Morgan’s power allowed us to get rid of a threat and even up the numbers. So yeah, it sure did work out.

I literally sniffed danger in the wind the night I played my idol. I sent it in right at the deadline and saved my game life with it. Dreams and I worked hard to make sure that the votes were pointed at me the next vote so that he could play his idol on me and we could take out Lowetha, who was (wisely) making a move against me.

And I’m here now, not having to convince you why you should vote for me instead of Dreams, because of Billy’s idol. Huh, that rolls off the tongue nicely (I just now noticed that).

Eammon’s Final Statement:

Dearly beloved
We are gathered here today
To get through this thing called “Survivor”
Electric word, “Survivor”
It means 3 1/2 months of our lives and that’s a mighty long time
But I’m here to tell you
There’s something else, The Jury
A world of never ending bitterness
You can never see the sun, day or night

So when you call up that shrink in Beverly Hills
You know the one, Dr. They’ll-Never-Vote-You-Out, right?
Instead of asking him how much of your time is left
Ask him how much of your mind, baby
Cause in this life
Things are much harder than in the afterworld
In this game
You’re on your own
And if de-elevator tries to bring you down
Go crazy (Punch a higher floor!)

Sorry, I just had to. Anyway, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank D.K for modding. It was a lot of fun with great challenges.

Jury, I suppose it’s obvious by now how this all went down. I played a strong, fairly straightforward game as part of a team. After Zero Bills lost the first three challenges, we were able to unite the remains into an organized, cohesive force to be reckoned with. I won immunities when I needed them and set myself up as a target so that we could use our idols effectively. I made strong alliances with reliable people, which is no small feat.

Thanks for a good game guys! Just remember, vote for THE GOAT!


Okay, DK here. The power is now in the jury’s hands. Jurors, please send me a vote for either Billy, Boozeraven, or Eammon to win Survivor XIX. Votes will be due by Monday night at 8 PM Central just in case any of you are out for the weekend/Mother’s Day. When all the votes are in or the deadline passes I will announce the winner and any/all of the identities you haven’t figured out yet.