Welcome honored guests. And Kelly. I’m excited to see what you guys can bring in the playoffs.

As a reminder, the five players writing this week are Brendan, Annette, Bret, Melissa, and Kelly. The four judges will award one gold, one silver, and one bronze each. The top three scores will advance to the quarterfinals. If there is a tie for third place, there will be a quick Fiction 59 write-off.

DEADLINE: Sunday at 12:00 noon central

We’re going all the way back to Survivor VII for this challenge, written by Brooks. We need to rework it a bit for it to make sense for our purposes, but here we go.

Today is the day that the time machine returns from its journey. You have been offered the chance to interview the intrepid time-traveler and write a piece for your website/magazine/newspaper/personal diary.

Write a story that details the time-traveling journey, and any interesting events experienced either on the journey or once the past/future destination was reached.

Something in the present has been changed by the actions of the traveler (anything goes, from large scale to seemingly unimportant changes). Whether the assembled multitudes are aware of the change is left up the writer.

Word Limit: 2,000