Against all odds, mostly because I said specifically that he had been “shredded” or some such at the outset of this game, Troy had recovered. He had always been kind of a dick, but this was his moment. He was going to find the Goonies and warn them of the whereabouts of the Fratellis so maybe, just MAYBE he would finally redeem himself, and Andy might even let him cop a feel. But no, he couldn’t think like that anymore. He was now Troy, redeemed hero! He could see the headlines…the money…the breasts. So many breasts!

Troy, to his surprise, had stopped dead about halfway through his walk to find the Goonies, and the Fratelli brothers spotted him and finished the job.

sherrymac1031 (Stef (vanillager), Day 1, stupid glasses)
nettiebarron (Sloth (angel), Night 1, rotten brothers)
The Dread Pirate (Mouth (vanillager), Day 2, talked too much to be trusted)
joepunman (Chunk (seer), Night 2, forgot the back seat)
MelissaD (Mama Fratelli (Wolf), Day 3, I’m melting!)
nibbish (Troy (vanillager), Night 3, Re-Deaded)
Colin Prime

Four’s a majority. NIGHT is at 9pm Central.