It comes down to this. Joshua Longman and Brendan Bonham will be writing their final entry in Japan, which may be a CdL first. Joshua finished the season in first place, while Brendan finished in fifth and has advanced through three rounds of the playoffs.

And for the final entry, we will be taking our prompt from the finals of Survivor X. It was quite a memorable week.

Harrison Bergeron

The problem with most stories is that one character always seems to have the upper hand. The story you write in this challenge will attempt to rectify that.

Inspired by the handicaps of Kurt Vonnegut’s classic short story, every 250 words (or fewer) the characters in your story must forget all the events that happened in that prior section. The ending of the story can be expanded beyond the 250-word section limit (let’s say the final section can have up to 600 words) and need not conclude with a forgetting (although it certainly may). Events that occurred prior to the beginning of the story can be recalled after each forgetting (e.g., characters will remember their names).

The cause of the forgettings is up to the author, but the memory loss must be total and complete. There is no word limit (with the exception of the limits outlined above), but of course the longer your story, the more forgettings that have to occur. We will, however, have a word minimum. 

Word Minimum: 1,000
Due Date: Saturday, June 11th, 8 pm central