The good ship Leche sailed between the stars.  And really, considering this was the result of centuries of the citizens of Lecheville overcoming one werewolf infestation after another all the while continuing to push forward their research and manufacturing and acquiring of government funding, things had gone pretty smoothly.  The repair droids scuttled about busily, keeping the ship in immaculate condition, while the villagers sat quietly in the dining module.  

“Space travel is pretty boring, isn’t it?” TDO said.

“I’ll say. Look at Stacy, she just fell into cryo-sleep in the middle of breakfast.”  codefox pointed out.

“I know what will pass the time!  Let’s kill DG!” Inkarnit offered.

“That’s a terrible plan!” spooky and DG shouted in unison.

But that is just what the townspeople did.  Despite DG’s eloquent arguments about how Stacy wasn’t doing anything to help the village and she’d be a lot easier to catch, the village would not be swayed.  They strung him up in the sick bay and then when that didn’t work because of the lack of gravity, they bashed him over the head with a fire extinguisher or something.  To be honest, things start to get a bit unclear at this point for me.

“Great idea, Inkarnit” said everyone.  “That was a fun couple of minutes. Thank goodness you overcame your crippling social anxiety to propose it.”

“Oh-Em-Gee, Look!” emojied Colin Prime as he pointed at DG’s floating lifeless body.

It was growing fur.  And fangs.  And strangely prehensile eyebrows.  DG was a wolf.

“Not again!” despaired Melissa.  But it was true.  It was time once again for the citizens of Lecheville to hunt down and eradicate the werewolves among them.

There are 4 wolves in the game and now 14 players. That makes … 10 villagers.

There are special roles.  Anyone who has one should know about it.  Up to them if they would like to share it.

If you have questions about the game that need to be addressed to the moderator, send them in an email to daneekasghost@gmail.  I will not be answering any questions posed to me in the comment section below.

For those who are new.  Please do not read into the flavor text above for clues.  That is all just a bunch of inside jokes and fun.  No role-related information can be gleaned from what a player does or does not do in the flavor text.

Player roster:

Colin Prime
Dread Pirate

Majority is 8. The day will end at 9 PM central.

In the event of a tie, there will be a 20 minute overtime where only the tied players are eligible to be lynched.

Something different this game is that any players killed at night will not have their role revealed.  They will be announced as dead by wolf-kill (or whatever the mechanism of their death might be) and that will be all the village will know.  Lynchings will reveal roles as usual.

I will be driving some during the day today, so if there is a need for voting updates, someone take the lead on that.  Thanks.