The good ship Leche was picking up speed as it shed the weight of wolves. The repair droids had cleaned up the mess of DG’s death and pushed his remains down a waste chute, where he was combined with several things too foul to mention (I will mention there were a lot of banana peels – double the usual amount), frozen solid, and jettisoned into the inky void.  The cube of waste briefly caught the weak starlight of a far too distant sun and reflected the smallest flash toward the observation deck of the Leche. Todahshy looked up and the flash of light momentarily blinded him.  He stumbled back from the window and tripped over the all-too-conveniently-placed sleeping form of Stacy. 

Todahshy went down hard, banging his elbow right on the funny bone. While he was busy flexing his fingers and shaking out the tingling sensation, a wolf snuck up behind him and messily devoured nearly all of him. In the morning the townspeople found only a small sliver of bone, still vibrating on the floor of the observation deck.

Who could have done such a thing?  Are they interested only in killing townsfolk in reverse alphabetical order by username currently in use on Did anyone else notice that all of a sudden when todahshy tripped there was gravity in this spaceship?  What the hell?

All this and more, on … day 2!

violabeenice (wolf, shoved out an airlock, day 1)
todahshy (funny bone attack, night 1)
Royal Ape
Dread Pirate
Colin Prime