An artificial night fell over the spaceship.  The course had been corrected and it looked as though there was no immediate danger to the good townspeople of Lecheville.

Except for the threat of wolves of course.  But perhaps the night in the middle of the day was confusing.  Or perhaps the death of codefox was too much to bear.  Or perhaps there was someone out there looking down on them benevolently.  Or perhaps there are no more wolves.  Who can really say?  (I could.  I could say.  But I won’t, because you all threw me in the waste chute.)

The villagers slumbered.  The repair droids worked even harder to deal with the damage that codefox’s gravitational hijinks had caused.  And artificial night passed into artificial day uneventfully.

violabeenice (wolf, shoved out an airlock, day 1)
todahshy (funny bone attack, night 1)
joepunman (villager, spooky’s terrible taste in beer, day 2)
kg2005 (villager, neglect, day 3)
spookymilk (lost a challenge, night 3)
codefox (wolf, no longer navigating, day 4)
Royal Ape
Colin Prime
Dread Pirate


Majority is 5.

Night is 10 Central (in 6 hours).