Spookymilk stood up from his work in the engine room, sweat dripping off his chiseled physique.  Somewhere on board he had found an enormous wrench that he wielded in front of him as he imagined the wolves circling.  Because the wolves were coming for him, he knew it.  Even if he couldn’t see them.  He screamed a challenge into the bowels of the ship, and the bowels of the ship echoed that challenge back to him.

It was quite the dramatic tension that was building there, could the wolves overpower this god of a man that confronted them? 


It was night.  And the wolves hunt at night. 

There is no truth to the rumor that spooky’s body was found surrounded by empty Natty Lite 40 oz. bottles.

violabeenice (wolf, shoved out an airlock, day 1)
todahshy (funny bone attack, night 1)
joepunman (villager, spooky’s terrible taste in beer, day 2)
kg2005 (villager, neglect, day 3)
spookymilk (lost a challenge, night 3)
Royal Ape
Dread Pirate
Colin Prime

5 is a majority today.  Can we do nightfall at 10 central?