The repair droids jumped into an escape pod and set course for a nearby wormhole into another dimension where repair droids get to sit on the beach and give each other congratulatory backrubs or something.  To be honest I was kind of running out of things for them to do in the flavor text.

But the townspeople soldiered on, trying desperately to make sense of what in the world was going on in this game.  Nettiebarron retired to the library.  Some malicious force was guiding this entire voyage, she was sure of it.  What she needed was an expensive cocktail and some time to sit down and sort this whole thing out.  She had been in the library the past three nights, and it really felt like she was finally getting somewhere.  Nettie read for a short while, until a thought struck her and she sprung from her chair to find the others…

Unfortunately, with the repair droids gone and no longer watching over her, a wolf could easily sneak up and devour her without giving even a hint of a warning.

violabeenice (wolf, shoved out an airlock, day 1)
todahshy (funny bone attack, night 1)
joepunman (villager, spooky’s terrible taste in beer, day 2)
kg2005 (villager, neglect, day 3)
spookymilk (lost a challenge, night 3)
codefox (wolf, no longer navigating, day 4)
Dread Pirate (NEUTRAL – WINNER!)
Colin Prime (NEUTRAL – WINNER!)
MelissaDiamondPhillips (NEUTRAL – WINNER!)
nettiebarron (lost in thought, night 5)

After all the deathless nights (and deathless days) there were three townspeople left, their ship was starting to fall apart and there was no means of repairing it.  Would the villagers take the controls and steer themselves to the safety of a nearby habitable exoplanet?  Or would the wolves rejoice as the good ship Leche disintegrated into nothingness, taking all the villagers with it? It would be up to these three to decide who will join the neutrals in winning this perfectly logical and easy to follow game of werewolf.


2 is majority.  Once that is reached the game will probably end.