Grab your backpacks, form your cliques, it’s going to be totally awesome (or whatever it is kids these days say) to go to school.

Your roles:

3 wolves.  These aren’t the friendly Michael J. Fox-type.  Or, at least, they’re the Michael J. Fox Bright Lights, Big City-type.  One of the wolves even has the special ability to peer into the soul of all the students.

1 seer.  This classmate is perceptive and takes everything in.

1 martyr.  This classmate is so helpful and wanting to be liked that martyr will willingly die in place of another.  This role is like an angel except, instead of sparing a night kill, the martyr will replace the targeted person and die instead.

8 vanillagers.  I promise.  If I had learned I was modding a little earlier, maybe it would have been more creative, but, instead I was too busy in shop class loosening the nozzle of the blowtorch so Mr. Peterson will totally get burnt when he’s not paying attention.

I know this is a little strange, but because I sent roles out so late, I’ll allow both the seer and the wolf seer to make their night zero peeks up to 10am Central tomorrow morning (an hour into day) just so they’re not penalized for being away late on Sunday night.

If you didn’t hear from me, you’re probably a vanillager unless I royally screwed up.  Let’s hope that’s not the case.