“Attention students,” the PA system interrupted class.

Beau’s eyes perked up.  This was his first day in school in years, and he did not remember mid-class announcements.  What could be so important?

“Principal Carruthers has an announcement,” his secretary explained.  Meat belched, rolled his eyes, turned to Violabeenice, and scoffed, “Whatever.”

“Students,” Principal Carruthers said softly and his voice trailed off.  He composed himself and began again.  “Do not be alarmed.  We have locked all the perimeter doors to keep you safe.  When we were opening the school this morning, we found the Dread Pirate dead on the floor of the gymnasium.  She had claw marks on her back and chunks of her flesh were missing.  We consulted with Mr. McDonnigal, and he consulted his biology books.  He explained that we have a werewolf problem.  Your parents have been notified, but you will have to stay here in school until we are certain the werewolves are contained.”

“Shut up, inkarnit,” MelissaD said loudly.  Todahshy hadn’t heard inkarnit talking because he was listening to closely to the speech.  Of course, he also had a lot of practice tuning out inkarnit.

Codefox reached into his backpack, pulled out a flask, and took a swig.  “Delicious,” he muttered while pondering his next move.

Mrs. Jackson, as expected, jumped in right when the announcement ended.  “Ok class, let’s talk this through.”  Everything was always a teaching moment with her; it’s like she had a lesson plan for anything that could possibly happen.  “What do you think we should do?” she asked.


As always, read nothing into the people pushing the plot forward above.  Mrs. Jackson has you trying to find the three wolves among the 13 players (I don’t count, I swear!).

Seven is a majority, and night will fall at 9pm.  Two quick programming notes ahead of time:  First, I will be at the Twins game on Friday, so the deadline that night will still be 9pm, but the flavortext might suck.  Oh, and I’m flying to NOLA and then driving for 4-plus hours on Saturday morning to meet codefox on Saturday, so that day could be a little tricky as well (I’m assugreying that no one wants to postpone over the weekend only to pick up things AFTER the Fourth of July because that would be teh stoopid).  Thus, I encourage you all to get this wrapped up ASAP.


Oh, and because I forgot how fun it was to have silly day roles, let’s bring this back.

First two players to email me the names of two others players will make those players totally be the it couple.  The selected players will be the homecoming king and prom queen who have to fawn over each other all day long.

Oh, right – here are your classmates:



Colin Prime