MelissaD curled up into a ball in the corner of the room.  As she replayed her past relationships with spookymilk and nibbish in her head, she took a vow of celibacy.  Or, at least, a vow of celibacy until she graduated.  The other students loved the downfall of their Prom Queen and ostracized her completely.  Rather than comfort her, they let her wallow in her misery.  In fact, no one noticed when the wolves killed her overnight.

Day one: inkarnit (village seer), not as cool as spooky
Night one: DG (villager), creating a spreadsheet
Day two: spookymilk (wolf), too cool for school
Night two: codefox (villager), marching to the beat of his own drummer
Day three: nibbish (villager), puttzing around
Night three: Violabeenice (villager), caught with an adverb
Day four: Beau (villager), promoting the scientific method
Night four: MelissaD (martyr), wallowing in her own freakish misery

Colin Prime

3 is a majority.  Night at 9pm.