Beau had the day off from being a social worker. So naturally he was trying to take babies away from parents. He approached spookymilk to play in Turbo Werewolf. Spooky said, “I’d love to, but I’m trying to sell some bitch-ass Panasonics hi-def flat-screens, wooooo!”  Beau informed Spooky he was going to take his daughters away because he wanted 7 players for Turbo Werewolf. Spooky’s paternal slash lupine instincts took over. He transformed into the most unsightly beast anyone had ever seen (i.e. not much changed) and tore out Beau’s jugular.

Melissa Diamond, who was Beau’s social work back-up, jumped up from behind the rack of Kung Fu Panda 3 DVDs and did the Vulcan nerve pinch on Spooky. So well, in fact, that he died too. “How’s that for motivational interviewing, bitch!” Melissa roared. 

It is day. There are four vanillagers and one wolf. Since we will have a maximum of just two days, the first day will last 60 minutes or until there’s a majority.