Play with the Prose will probably come soon. Normally, I get a ton of people begging for this until I give in; this time I’ve been asked casually but I myself and feeling like it’s time.

We haven’t done a game of Fall, Caesar in 2016, and I think last year’s was in September, sooooo…

Harry Potter Survivor is somewhat set to go. Given my real-life issues of late, I haven’t prepared as many challenges as I would like, but I could probably start relatively quickly with the 5-10 I already have banked.

Here’s a Sheeple update. There are still four of you. Tonight I have my fantasy football draught and almost certainly can’t go live; if it ends earlier than I expect, we’ll talk. A any rate, have a move in by 10pm tonight. If you have one by 6ish, I can do it after work and sneak in an extra move. The all-time record for this game is 30 moves. I’m starting to think we can beat it, gang!