Now that I’ve teased you, I should let you know that the sorting hasn’t happened yet.

Long story short, I need two more players to finally lock it down (I had two more than I thought, and now need two to make all the houses even). If you have one or two homeboys or girls who might finish this off for me, let me know.

Many have asked, so:

*YES, you will be a real character from the book. Many of these are minor, particularly in Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw (but hey, you might get to be Cho Chang or Cedric Diggory!).
*NO, you will not actually choose one; you will be sorted into a house based on a far-too-complex personality test that others are taking about you. Because I don’t want alliance stacking, none of you will actually fill one out. Once you end up in a house, I may end up allowing you to pick from a list of kids from that house, or I may just figure it out on my own. If I do this, it will be based on stats from the personality test and no role should give any indication to the player’s gender or whatnot.
*YES, outside chatter will be discouraged and heavily penalized, as always. Those who played DK’s season XIX or my last two BB games know that we don’t f*&k around with these rules.
*There will be what are essentially “boss battles” where you ALL face off with Quirrell, Umbridge, Voldemort or other various jerks. Nobody will be eliminated during these unless nonsubs happen, but high-contributing houses will win benefits.
*It is not necessary to know the series to play this game, but there will be times where it will certainly help.

Sheeple has hit a wall and has hit it hard, so this may get rolling before Sheeple ends (if it does).