Good to see you, students.

Five train cars await.

There will be seven turns in which four people – one from each house – will enter a train car. The goal is to have the highest magic power in a car at the end of a turn. For instance, if a car ends with 8 points for Gryffindor, 7 for Slytherin and 3 for Hufflepuff, Gryffindor will get a point for the car, even if Slytherin, for instance, had more people in it.

For the first turn, each house will have someone submit to Dumbledore (or to me) which train car they’re entering. You will have limited ability to see how strong the wands are. There will be “high quality” wands (6, 8 or 11 points) and “low quality” wands (1 to 4 points). When someone enters a house, all houses will be able to see if that person has a high or low quality wand, though only the submitting house will know the exact number of points submitted, unless they tell another house for some reason.

But hey: each house gets to hide two wands. On any two turns, the submitting students can hide away the type of wand they’re holding. They must say they’re doing this with their submission.

The first turn is due tomorrow night (Wednesday) at 5pm Central. I’m planning turns for 7 and 10 as well. Once someone submits, there is no change for the house, so be careful. Once all students have entered a train, I will announce the total number of points per house, and the house with the fewest number of points will eliminate someone.

If there’s a tie in a train, the houses will split the point. A half, a third or a quarter.

Most importantly: any house with a non-submitting member will eliminate someone. They aren’t required to eliminate the nonsub, but…they probably will. If the lowest-scoring house that all submits still gets lower points than the lowest nonsubbing house, they’ll eliminate someone too. So I guess we could have four eliminations here…

Anyway, if you have questions, ask me or Dumbledore. If there’s a particularly big question that needs to be answered, Dumbledore will answer it in the challenge thread.

Cheers, Students.