This is the easy part: all four houses need to pick up a wand at Ollivander’s. Each house will have access to wands of these strengths:


You need to decide among your house which of you is getting which wand. This will not affect future challenges so you shouldn’t feel the need to fight for a wand of a certain strength (unless you’re a Slytherin, and really into playing your character). I will make these official when a certain student in your house, chosen by Dumbledore from those who have already spoken in Diplochat, sends Dumbledore a private message:

Gryffindor: Harry Potter
Hufflepuff: Cedric Diggory
Ravenclaw: Luna Lovegood
Slytherin: Draco Malfoy

The one thing to keep in mind is that everyone will be expected to submit for this challenge. This will be a two-or-three-day challenge with just two or three turns per day, and each individual will only have to act one time. However, I want to be sure you have plenty of time to hobnob with your new house and work on strategies, since some of you are new to my games.

Once you have all submitted, the rules will be posted and the first move will be due tomorrow. Cheers, Students.