Let’s start with Slytherin.

Vote One: Millicent Bulstrode.

Vote Two: Millicent.

Vote Three: Daphne Greengrass. “even though I wasn’t able to submit during the time my group chose for me, I feel I am in chat a bit more than she is.”

Vote Four: Millicent.

Vote Five: Millicent.

Vote Six: Millicent.

Vote Seven: Millicent. “We could have won if you’d been able to be around more often and see that we needed you to submit.”

The only other time there was a “Millicent” in one of my anonymous games, they won. Dang.

First Elimination from Potterverse Survivor: Amber Rene “Millicent Bulstrode” Keyster

Not being able to be around at the right time is a tough thing, and this time, it was the only thing.


I won’t be posting any elimination yet. There’s a player who has to leave the game for some very real and difficult health reasons. As such, I’m going to see if, in a day, I can get a replacement (whether they come to me, or I find one). If I can’t find one, then the vote will not matter, and I’ll just eliminate this person’s position, but I’d prefer to find an engaged player.

See you tomorrow night, Survivors.