First off, our Harry Potter has been replaced. Take care, Matthew Gilman. You’re a treasured regular of the site.

A new Harry Potter has been given the login info, so I won’t throw a challenge out there until this person has a chance to get their feet wet, so that’ll be tonight or tomorrow morning. In the meantime, here’s Gryffindor’s first elimination, without Harry’s vote because Matthew didn’t vote before he was gone and the new one has no frame of reference…

Vote One: Lavender Brown.

Vote Two: Parvati Patil. (missed vote)

Vote Three: Lavender. “I always want to spell it Lavendar for some reason. Let’s just remove that little problem and forget it ever happened.”

Vote Four: Parvati.

Vote Five: Parvati. “Our house is a family. We need to be there for each other.”

Vote Six: Parvati. “This is a tough vote. Should I vote for the person who said they would submit a move, but didn’t? Or should I vote for the person who wasn’t even around during the entire challenge? I’ll take my chances with the girl who at least shows up.”

Second Elimination from Potterverse Survivor: Jared “Parvati Patil” Mitchell

This is a first-time player that works in my building. Unlike past flameouts from my workspace, this guy actually asked me to play after I mentioned that I run games, rather than me asking him. So I don’t know why he made two total comments all game long. (He kept saying he was going to start posting after work). Well, Gryffindor is free of this albatross, and will try to regroup from here.

Cheers, Students.