From here on out, “Potterverse Survivor” becomes “SSXX” (meaning Spookymilk Survivor Twenty, since this is my twentieth season (well, really my twenty-first, but it’s complicated)) because it’s quicker to type. Granted, this paragraph alone probably has more words than I’ll save over the course of the entire season.

Have some results. Quite a few of you said this was a fun one, so I’m sorry it ended on a nonsub. Click the link for results, or click below to ruin the suspense and get to the part where I call for votes.

How perfect is it that Slytherin should have lost but they slinked through on a technicality? Instead, the nonsub-having Ravenclaw will have to send me a vote for elimination by tomorrow (Wednesday) at 10pm Central. Terry will not vote, due to the nonsub, and will therefore automatically vote for himself.

Hufflepuff were the big winners of our first challenge to go to a legitimate finish, and they will be receiving a reward that Dumbledore planned before this challenge. He’ll be sending each of you messages separately, just to make sure you all see it (this is where I guess I should have had the head of each house in your separate chambers to communicate with a house all at once).

See you tomorrow for voting results and a new one. Cheers, Survivors.