Thanks for all of your patience during this emotional week. I’m going to keep it simple this time (at least, simple to understand).

This is a forest full of Whomping Willows. Unfortunately, it’s late at night and you’re trying to sneak through undetected, so some of you are probably going to get beat up pretty badly.

You are going to start out on the bottom row inside the black borders on any spot you want (the spot may be occupied by a whomping willow, which would be bad luck). Your aim is to reach the top row. One of your team members will take a turn by giving me a path of coordinates that they want to travel (cardinal directions only – no diagonals), and I will respond by saying in which spot they they were hit by a whomping willow. Each individual has three turns, after which they must tag out to a different member of the tribe (you can jump from person to person if you want, but once someone has done three, they’re done). You don’t have to follow a specific order; just do your thing. Hufflepuff, someone will sit out, but since you have no inactives for me to boot, I don’t care who ends up sitting out. You don’t have to tell me beforehand.

The goal is to get to the top row in the fewest number of turns possible. The house that uses the largest number of turns will have to vote someone out. There is to be no intra-house communication on this one. Talk to members of your own house only. I thought about doing four different boards, but it seemed like it would be hell to run, and I’m sure the losing tribe would complain about the board they ended up with.

Finally, you will have the ability to use Lumos. You can use up two turns to cast Lumos, which will illuminate the row or column of your choice. If this is what you want to do, give me the row or column to illuminate instead of a set of coordinates.

Once you send a move, it cannot be taken back. I will respond to it with what happened.

I work today, but we’re basically never busy, so I’ll try to respond to things quickly. I work tomorrow too but I’m off Sunday and Monday. I would prefer to have this done by tomorrow night but if that isn’t feasible because of my inability to respond when you need me, that’s fine. I won’t set a deadline at this point.

Cheers, Students.