First of all, who wants to see the board?

First of all, Hufflepuff.

Hufflepuff, in the last challenge, won an advantage called vacation. They were allowed to take a challenge off whenever they wanted, and could not lose. This ended up being that challenge.

Let’s do Ravenclaw next. They used Lumos three times (A, C and 10), and then wandered up four times, when Anthony took the right path for a score of ten turns.

Slytherin was actually done first. They used Lumos just twice – on B and C – and did three moves up when Goyle found a path for just seven turns. Thus far, Ravenclaw is behind.

Gryffindor did Lumos with all six people (G, H, I, 2, 9 and 10). Unfortunately they didn’t go with J, which would have had them up a while back. They did one wander after this and got close, but with a score of 13 and Gryffindor being the last team to go, I called it a challenge and figured we’d get to voting.

Gryffindor, please send in votes by tomorrow night (Monday) at 9pm Central and we’ll move on to the next challenge. Oh, and remind me, if I forget, that the winners of the next one get a bonus. It’s probably not as cool as Vacation, but it can affect the game.