Gryffindor is on the hot seat alone for the first time. Let’s see if we’re going to lose a major character yet.

Vote One: Harry Potter (missed vote)

Vote Two: Lavender Brown.

Vote Three: Lavender Brown.

Vote Four: Lavender Brown.

Vote Five: Lavender Brown.

Vote Six: Lavender Brown. “It is not her fault that we lost the challenge. But her use of pet names makes me cringe.”

Hey, she’s just following the lead from the books, you know? Well, at any rate, I guess the problem is solved.

Fourth Elimination from Potterverse Survivor: Sama “Lavender Brown” Smith

This is Sama’s first-ever appearance in a non-writing game, so it’s not necessarily her preferred cup of tea. Anyway, apparently life is somewhat busy for Sama at the moment, so this is a distraction out of the way!

The challenge will go up tomorrow morning before I head out to work. Or maybe tonight if I get some work-related crap out of the way before long, I suppose. Cheers, Students.