The numbers are in, and we’re off to the races!

Keep track of who’s still around with this board.

All four houses and their 24 people are on a field. Let’s say a Quidditch Pitch, since you’ll be playing Quidditch next. They will take turns having their Patronuses attack other players.

Gryffindor was randomly selected first, so someone from Gryffindor will submit to me that they will be attacking someone from another house. For instance, Hermione could send in to me that she’s attacking Zacharias. If Hermione has Patronus power equal to or greater than Zacharias, then Zach will be removed from the challenge. If not, then I will simply post that it was a failure. Zacharias will not lose any power – he’ll remain at full strength. Gryffindor will only have gained the information that Zacharias has more power than Hermione.

Hufflepuff would go next in this scenario, since the first team to get attacked is going to go second. Anyone, including Zacharias, can now do the same thing Hermione did. If he attacks an untouched house, they’ll go next. If not, I’ll randomly choose which house is first.

After the first four turns, the houses will go in reverse order for all even-numbered “rounds.” If Slytherin goes fourth, they’ll also go fifth.

At any given time, there is likely to be a Patronus on the pitch that cannot be eliminated by one person alone. For this reason, any house has the ability to use two or more people on any given turn. On their next turn, Gryffindor could send Hermione, Ron and Harry to try to take out Zacharias. If they do this, then they will sacrifice as many turns as they offered extra people. Since they used three people, their next two turns will be lost, whether Zacharias goes out or not.

Once a house is taken out in full, they will be the ones to vote someone out. However, the remaining houses will battle it out to a finish, since the winning house will get two bonuses:

1: The ability to choose their Quidditch opponent. Quidditch will be the next challenge, and there will be two matches, after which the losing sides will each vote out a person.
2: A secret thing.

If at any point a house has a person who cannot be removed by any remaining house, they will be declared the winners.

I know this will take a while, but I like it, so lick me. Houses will not be given a deadline for turns at first, because I’d like to trust that we’ll be active, but when this fails after a day or so, we’ll go to four hour deadlines, after which turns will be lost.

Houses are free to talk to each other in this one.

Gryffindor, fire when ready. Cheers, Students.